Sports Relief 2016 – Kick-a-Thon

We are considering running an all-through-the-night Kick-a-Thon as a fundraiser for Sports Relief 2016.  This would start at the 5.30pm class on Friday 18th March and run through to the end of the 10.30am class on Saturday 19th March.  This will be a relay bag kicking session with two people on the bags at all times.  The fund raising would be through sponsorship and possibly a “guess the number of kicks” competition.
If we can get lots of people involved we can make this a really fun session.  You are not expected to be there for the whole session (though you can if want to!), just to commit to at least one hour.  This will be challenging but with enough people there will be lots of rest as well as hard work.  The club will provide food and drink during the session as well as breakfast in the morning, and some of the instructors will be around all of the time.
Before we commit to this and ask the social committee to start serious planning we need to know there will be sufficient support.  So if you are interested please send us an email:  including the times you would be available – especially for the late night / early morning hours.
We can make this a really fun session and do some great fun raising…. so let’s have plenty of volunteers.

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