October 2015 Grading Results

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the recent grading.  It was pleasing to see a good spread of grades and so many new beginners grading for the first time.  There was really good spirit and enthusiasm.  As expected there are also some areas for improved before the next grading especially around self defence for middle grades (6th-4th kup) and confidence in their poomsae performance for senior grades (3rd kup+).  The next kup grading will be on Sunday 6th December.

The promoted candidates were:


Yellow Tag/9th Kup Yellow Belt/8th Kup Blue Tag/5th Kup
Anna Jiang – Credit Megan Womersley – Credit Luke Vanden
Arjun Chauhan – Credit Kieran Pern Ria Mistry
Jacob Clay – Credit Zuzanna Kraszucka Ryan Vanden
Alex Rice    
Ethan Waspe Green Tag/7th Kup Blue Belt/4th Kup
Saskia Bateman Annabel Poynter Ellen Farthing
Corey Waspe Melissa Laws Miranda Arnush
Danyal Dabhelia    
Ehandsa Fernado Green Belt/6th Kup Red Tag/3rd Kup
Giodarno Baquero-Easton Ahan Sen Nico Carstens
Lewis Howard Ivana McCutcheon Tony Rice
Jack Toomey    
Erin Bateman   Red Belt/2nd Kup
Hayden Corby   Graeme Willis
Laetitia Allen    
Kasundi Fernado    



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