October Poomsae Seminar


IMG_7505.JPGOn Sunday 4th October, Bluewave were proud to host an excellent seminar with Master Derek Sumner, Great Britain Cadet Coach and Chairman of the British Taekwondo Poomsae Committee. The seminar had attendees not just from Bluewave but from a number of other clubs ranging in grade from Green Belt to 6th Dan, and with a wide spread of ages.

To start, Master Sumner took the attendees through a detailed practical session on the key basics within the poomsae with their coaching points.

Following on from basics, the attendees then went through poomsae practice on the full set of Taegeuk poomsae, with performances from the Great Britain Players, Henry Chiu and Emily Whiting, demonstrating the quality and key scoring areas.

Following a short break, the black belts that continued to work up through the more senior patterns with the whole group working up to Pyongwon and then splitting into two groups with Master Sumner taking a group focused on synchronised performance and GB Player Sue Parkins taking the senior grades to work on the detail in Jitae.

Excellent session with lots of valuable insight for everyone.  We will looking to schedule another seminar with Master Sumner for next year.

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