July 2015 Grading Results

This was a good grading with strong performances in basics, poomsae, breaking and sparring.  Spirit was also good throughout.  Some work needed to sharpen up though on 3-step and self defence for some candidates to match the high standard in other areas. Congratulations to all those promoted especially to Charlotte on her double promotion and to Filip and Sean on their credit performances.

Yellow Tag / 9th Kup Green Tag / 7th Kup Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Filip Matyla – Credit Charlotte Davies – Double Olwen Barton
Abdullah Abid Ana Torres-Quevedo  
Ashton Swinhoe-Nevola Daniel Yu Red Tag / 3rd Kup
Ewan Reynolds Jayani Jogia Sean Carstens – Credit
Gianluca Swinhoe-Nevola Matthew Bridge  
Victor Vanni   Red Belt / 2nd Kup
  Green Belt / 6th Kup Cullen Walker
  Scott Richards  
    Black Tag / 1st Kup
  Blue Tag / 5th Kup Ryan Morgan
  Pradeep Lalung  

The next grading will be on Saturday 10th October.

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