Poomsae seminar / judges course – Grandmaster Shin

We will have the honour of hosting Grandmaster Tong Wan Shin, 9th Dan for a Poomsae Seminar on the 14th February and a Poomsae Judging Course on the 15th February.

Grandmaster Shin is twice World Poomsae Champion, Head of Poomsae Refereeing for Great Britain and also the highest ranked Taekwondo Instructor in Great Britain. So this your opportunity to learn from the best, a unmissable chance to really make your poomsae first class.

The seminar will run on Saturday 14th as follows;

1.30-4.00 All Grades

4.00-5.30 Dan Grades Only

£15 for Kup grades and £20 for Dan grades.

To register for the seminar please send me an email at info@bluewave.org.uk. Payment will be required before places can be confirmed as the seminar will be over subscribed.

On Sunday 15th we will then host a Poomsae Judges Course which will run from 10.00am until 5.30pm. This is open to Blue Belt/4th Kup and above, minimum age of 16. If you are interested in attending the course please ask your instructor for a registration form. The fee for the course will be £40.

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