Open Sessions – Competition Training

As a club we are keen to give as many of our members as possible the opportunity to experience Taekwondo competition. For this reason we will be running a Club Novice Tournament on Saturday 15th November open to all ages and all grades below black belt.

The club also runs regular competition focused training; once a week on a Sunday for Sparring and once a month for Patterns/Poomsae. These sessions are open to all members aged 7+ and are included in your training fees – no extra to pay. If you want to try a session we will be running the sessions on the weekend 13th and 14th September with a specific focus on those new to competition training. Great chance to come along to one or both and see if this is for you! If it is then we have plenty of opportunities to then develop to compete right up to National and International standard.

Saturday 13th September



Competition Poomsae Training

Open Session – Come and give it a try!

Sunday 14th September



Sport Taekwondo Class

Open Session – Come and give it a try!



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