Feedback on development opportunities for senior grades

The club looks to provide continued development in Taekwondo for all its students and instructors. For 2 kup, 1st kup and dan grades some of this development may well come from assisting in classes and gradings, internal / external seminars and courses and working to becoming an instructor yourself or other club activities, e.g. competitions.


This year we have seen a significant growth in the number of students and will soon have second room in Vickers which will give us a much larger training venue and as a result we have the potential to expand the club further through additional classes, specialist classes and other opportunities.  Moving forward with this will give further scope to develop our senior grades and instructors.


I would appreciate it, if you could provide me or your class instructor with feedback on the opportunities that you personally would like to explore (either now or for the future). This feedback  will help us to structure our development of both the senior grades and instructors. This will also aid the club’s development and help with the planning of activities for the later part of 2014 and moving forward into 2015.

It would be appreciated if feedback either in person or via email to can be given by Friday 29th August.

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