Repayment of fees

We have now had the chance to review all the payments that have been made into the new Bluewave bank account and those into the Overton and Basingstoke Taekwondo bank account.  We will be sending out repayments on Tuesday to those members who have made payments into both accounts.   If you have made payments to both accounts please also check with your bank that your standing order to the Overton and Basingstoke bank account is cancelled so that you do not accidently make two payments in May.   

There are still a few members who have not yet put in place the new standing orders to the Bluewave account, if you haven’t done so and have lost either details of the account or the fee, please send an quick email to   As the financial separation of the clubs was completed on the 17th April, it is important that all payments are now into the Bluewave account as we no longer have access to the Overton and Basingstoke Taekwondo account.


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