Grading Results – March 2014

This was a very pleasing first grading of 2014.   The overall standard was strong with good performance across all aspects of the grading.   The spirit and enthusiasm was very evident right from the first group- well done.  Next grading will be Sunday 6th July.

The promotions awarded were;

Yellow Tag/9th Kup Yellow Belt/8th Kup Blue Tag/5th Kup
Ria Mistry – Credit Kayleigh Richardson – Double Alexander Allam
Ryan Vanden – Credit Duncan Van Dyk – Double Carl MacDonald
Luke Vanden – Credit Brandon Koh Eimee Brown
Ana Torres-Quevedo – Credit Caitlin Walker
Ahan Sen James Hugman Blue Belt/4th Kup
Matthew Bridge James Cook
Alexander Chiguvare Green Tag/7th Kup
Anushka Sen Ellen Farthing Red Tag/3rd Kup
Grace Williams Jon-Marc Bennet Graeme Willis
Annabel Poynter Ryan Morgan
Mikun Adeniran Green Belt/6th Kup
Cameron Mills Nico Carstens
Daniel Brown Nicole Wootten
Joshua Hong William Dodds
Thomas Robinson Rodrigo Torres-Quevedo
Alexander Gill


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