November Grading Results

Congratulations to the following who were promoted at the November grading.  Some really strong performances so keep up the good work in 2014.


9th Kup/Yellow Tag 7th Kup/Green Tag 4th Kup/Blue Belt
Kiacper Nowak – Credit Grace Leslie Scott Coventry
James Hugman – Credit Nico Carstens Ryan Morgan
Abigail Rogers Nicole Wootten  
David Kucinski Jack Freathy 3rd Kup/Red Tag
Tobiash Rohenek-Green   Richard Williams – Credit
Olivia Whiles 6th Kup/Green Belt  
  Carl MacDonald 2nd Kup/Red Belt
8th Kup/Yellow Belt Joshua Carter Liam Griffiths
Joshua Whiles – Credit Sean Carstens Luke Rowland
Pradeep Lalung – Credit   Sarah Meeson
Adam Regaieg 5th Kup/Blue Tag  
Jake Phillips Abigail Bristow – Credit 1st Kup/Black Tag
Daniel Yu Cullen Walker Shailesh Mistry
Mohmed Maygi Ibrahim Salman  
Niamh Cooper-Smith Peter Mulholland  
Noel Vendegh    
Curtis Whitehorn    
Ivana Mc Cutcheon    
Luke Smith    
Samuel Dodds    
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