British Taekwondo Pilot Instructors Course

British Taekwondo has just started to lay out its plans for a new format of training for instructors which will consist of recognised coaching courses at levels 1, 2 and 3.   The first course to be rolled out will be the 3 day Level 2 Coaching Course and I was privileged to be amongst the group invited to attend the pilot, which is being run for some of the most senior grades in the country.   To enable British Taekwondo to refine the course before it starts to be run regularly, a group of 6th dan and above instructors were invited to be guinea pigs!  As we gathered in Mansfield for Day One, I felt humble as one of the least experienced of this small group who brought together over 500 years of Taekwondo.  It was great to see a group with so much more experience than would be on a normal Level 2 Coaching Course in any sport engaging in lively and enthusiastic discussions as we worked through modules.   The modules covering, Introduction to coaching, Providing a safe environment and Analysing Technique were well structured with plenty of exercises and tasks to break up the presentation.   Day Two and Three will be run on Sundays in October and November and I expect them to be as stimulating as the first day.   This is a the start of a major change for instructor education in Taekwondo and one that will have a really positive effect on enhancing the standard of instructing across British Taekwondo including within our own club.

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