Uniforms – Please check they still fit!

The new school year has come around fast and with that the buying of new school uniforms. Please can we ask you to consider where appropriate buying a new Taekwondo uniform. Children grow fast they can grow out of their uniforms (doboks) very quickly. A uniform that’s too small can reduce movement and makes it harder to demonstrate good taekwondo skills. As a child grows, it’s important to check the fit of their dobok regularly. If you are unsure, please ask your instructor for advice.
The club keeps a stock of new uniforms in different sizes. Size 0000/100-3/160, £15 and 4/170 upwards, £25. You are welcome to also purchase from other suppliers, however all doboks must be WTF approved and for kup grades must have a white V-Neck without any stripes on top or trousers legs.  For dan grades (black belts) they should have a black V-Neck but also no stripes on top or trousers legs.

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