Autumn Recruitment Campaign

As we start the new school year, this is a great time to help the club attract some new members.

We will be running two recruitment activities over September and October.

First, we will be repeating the successful ‘Bring a Friend’ campaign we ran in June.  However this time extended to all classes not just the 7-11 age group classes.

So, if you bring a friend to any of the classes in either Basingstoke or Overton you will be entered into a draw. Winner will get a free club tracksuit top or hoodie.  Your choice!
If your friend signs up for the club you will also get a £5 gift voucher to spend on any club equipment. Draw will be made at the end of October.
The more friends, the more £5 vouchers and the better chance of winning the draw!

Secondly, we plan to get leaflets into local schools.  A new leaflet is with the printers and should be back ready for distribution in about one week.   If you have contacts into the local schools and can help us with getting leaflets distributed out through the school please talk to Lynne or Gerry. 

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