Festival of Sport 2013 – Day One

Festival of Sport 2013 has finally started.   Our guests from Germany arrived a little late on Friday evening due to a minor incident with the coach.   However everyone was safe and keen to enjoy another trip to England.

Day One was the training day.   Training started out at 10.30 with a two hour Sport Taekwondo session led by Master Gerry Reilly.   This focused on scoring techniques using the Daedo PPS electronic scoring.   First drills used the hogu wrapped around bags to practice various technique and combinations.   After the drill work, everyone had the chance to practice on a live partner (!) with the OBTKD students acting a moving targets.   Despite the heat everyone really got stuck in!

A short lunch break then gave people the chance to regain some energy for the afternoon.

Afternoon training started at 1.30.  This was a Hapkido session led by Master Daeman Sung and Andrew Chaney from SKMA Hapkido.  The session started with some basic pre-emptive attacks, quickly moving into the application of these techniques against punches and grabs.  After the students were comfortable, Master Sung moved on to apply these techniques against two attackers focusing on movement.   The session finished with kicking drills starting with low kicks and working up through triple kicks to finally work on 540 degree kicks – a challenge especially keenly embraced by some of younger students.   A really fun session.   Any OBTKD students who want to learn more… please remember we have an 8 week Hapkido summer course running starting on Wednesday 17th July.   Details on the website and Facebook.

With stunning weather, this evening it will be BBQ time.  

The training finished with the traditional exchange of gifts between the clubs.

After the weekend we will posting an album on Facebook and the website of the best photos – there are already some stunning shots to look forward to!

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