Master Eric Rose Memorial Training Event – £345 Raised!

Great fun and some excellent fund raising!  The regular Sport Class was extended on Sunday to 3 hours and we were joined by some of the instructors and students from Powerhouse Taekwondo.   The group ranging in age from 7 to 60 and from white belt to 6th dan had fun with a range of drills around the Daedo PSS scoring equipment.   Starting off with some bag work to develop the basic techniques that score with electronics to finishing with ‘play’ matches using the scoring.   All participants has the chance to play at least 2 matches and for those that wanted to, there was a third match with the e-Head Guards.  Everyone treated it as good training between friends and so it was a controlled and safe way to gain experience.

However the event also had a serious purpose as it was being run as fund raiser for the Arts Scholarship created in memory of our friend from the Korean Taekwondo Association of America, Master Eric Rose, who died so tragically young last year.  From donations made by those taking part we raised the amazing sum of £345.  Stunning!

Thank you to Powerhouse Taekwondo for coming over and to everyone who took part and helped with the event.   More photos will be published soon.

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