Return to training seminar – 23rd Feb

We have recently had a number of people join the club who either have significant ITF experience or trained with us in the past.   I am therefore looking to run a seminar specifically to help these students to gain an understanding of the OBTKD technical syllabus.   The objective will be to accelerate development back to previous level or for those joining from ITF clubs to support their development so that we can integrate them into the club at an appropriate grade.

The seminar will cover the technical aspects of the syllabus; poomsae, kibon, one-step and self-defence from 9th Kup to 2nd Kup.   The seminar is suitable for those who have previously trained to at least 4th Kup/Blue Belt level with us or another Taekwondo club (either WTF or ITF).

Provisional Time and Date

VBC Dojang


Saturday 23rd February

There will not be a charge for this seminar as this will be considered as part of your normal training.

If you are interested in attending then please let me know via email.

This seminar would also be very useful to anyone who has been out of training for a while and would like a ‘jump start’ to resuming in January or those who would like to switch from ITF to WTF Taekwondo.

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