November 2012 Kup Grading Results

I am pleased to announce the grading results from the November Kup Grading.  Congratulations to everyone on their new grades.

Promotions were:

9th Kup 6th Kup 3rd Kup
Alex Pulling – Credit Erin Holbrook Liam Griffiths – Credit
Alex Massey Ibrahim Salman Sarah Meeson
Nicholas Elton Peter Mulholland Oliver Hutchins
Jordan Burgess
5th Kup 2nd Kup
8th Kup James Cook Neo Botha – Credit
Gerard Palmer Robbie Howie Jo Hatton
Jack Freathy Jack Dunesby Shailesh Mistry
Freddie Hawkins Harrison Neill Leo Clifford
Jed Willis
4th Kup 1st Kup
7th Kup Tony Rice – Double Alex Newman
Kaos McNair – Credit Graeme Willis Alex Stock
Cullen Walker Luke Rowland Bradley Welsman
Henry Fordham Amy Stock
Ruudi Lidder Mujahid Baksh
Sam Lidder Tom Redgrave
Miranda Arnush
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