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Testbourne Community School recently held an Olympic Sport Week. This was an opportunity for the students to try out several Olympic Sports. Lynne was honoured to be invited into the school to run two Taekwondo sessions during the week. All the students fully involved themselves in the classes and took the opportunity to experience Sport Taekwondo.  Lynne was assisted by Bradley, Hollie and Gerry.

This follows on from taster sessions at Overton Primary School run by Gerry and Dave, and a four week Introduction to Taekwondo course run by Coleen at the Clere.

Thank you to all those involved.

Through these schools, the club has enjoyed the opportunity to introduce Taekwondo to in excess of 100 students and is looking foward to be able to continue the links with these and other schools in the future.  If your local school would like a Taekwondo taster session please talk to either Lynne or Gerry.

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