TCGB Championship Results

The players at the Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB 30th Anniversary Championships on the 31st March/1st April did the club proud.  There were many excellent performances and everyone show spirit and great attitude.


The results were:-



Alex Walker – Junior Male Dan – GOLD

Bradley Welsman – Cadet Male Intermediate – SILVER

Holy Flanders – Junior Female Novice/Intermediate – BRONZE

Charlotte Flanders – Junior Female Novice/Intermediate – 4th

Coleen Reilly – Senior Female Dan – =4th



Neo Botha – Cadet Female Intermediate/Advanced -37kg – GOLD

Bradley Welsman – Cadet Maile Intermediate -49kg – GOLD

Alex Stock – Cadet Male Intermediate -45kg – SILVER

Kamil Nowak – Cadet Male Intermediate -53kg/-57kg – BRONZE

Amy Stock – Junior Female Intermediate -59kg – BRONZE

Holly Flanders – Junior Female Intermediate -63kg/-68kg – BRONZE

Dave Bristow – Veteran Male Intermediate +80kg – BRONZE

Luke Rowland – Senior Male Novice +87kg – BRONZE

Simon Jones – Senior Male Novice -74kg – BRONZE

Alex Walker – Junior Male Dan -55kg – Quarter Finals


Alex’s win in the poomsae was the club’s first Gold Medal in the Poomsae Divisions at a TCGB Championships for several years, this was also Alex’s first poomsae tournament for quite a while – so  a really good result.   This came from strong performance in Koryo and Pal Jang.


The two Golds in the sparring were also excellent.  Neo found herself in a combined grade division so had an advanced competitor in her semi-final and fought a tough match to come out with victory after her competitor was disqualified with 11 seconds of the final round remaining.   Neo was leading 11-9 so was on course for a victory anyway!  Her final was easier. She quickly established a strong lead, and then showed bravery after taking a punch to the face to come back out and decisiviely win 9-0.   Bradley had a bye to the final and then opened with a single really quick head shot and the match was over in 10 seconds!  The fastest club win ever!


The coaches were Gerry Reilly, Lynne Firth and Coleen Reilly.   Sian Reilly assisted on head table all day on the Sunday.

Selection of photos in the Gallery!

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