Kup Grading Results May/July 2011

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the kup gradings on the 29th May and 19th July.


The next kup grading will be on Saturday 17th September at the VBC Dojang in Basingstoke.


The promotions acheived were;

Yellow Tag/9th Kup Green Tag/7th Kup Blue Tag/5th Kup
Jabegu Namsangen Anthony Lewis Kamil Nowak
Natt Khetklang Jamie Cassell
Lucy Cooper Red Tag/3rd Kup
Yellow Belt/8th Kup Mujahid Baksh
Eleanor McDevitt – CREDIT Green Belt/6th Kup Steve McCulough
Harry McDevitt – CREDIT Jack Dunesby
Henry Fordham Davey Klenz Red Belt/2nd Kup
James Muimi Jack Dunesby Laura Filgate
Jude Cooper-Smith
Jamie Lewis Black Tag/1st Kup
Max Piper Jim Rate
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