Grading Results – Feb/March 2011

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the kup grading on the 27th February.   These results also includes those who tested/re-tested in class in March. 

There were some very good performances with improved sparring work.  However for a number of candidates the spirit and energy level was below what which was really expected.  This will need to be improved before they next test.   Additional focus is also required on side kick and back kick as quite a few candidates were insufficiently extending the leg in these techniques and so losing effective power.

Special recognition to the students who achieved Credit passes; Eleanor McDevitt, Eimee Brown and Tony Rice.   The next kup grading will be on Sunday 29th May.

The promotions acheived were;

Yellow Tag/9th Kup Green Tag/7th Kup Blue Tag/5th Kup
Dominic Beesley Alex Allam Milan Mistry
Eleanor McDevitt – CREDIT Harrison Neill  
Harry McDevitt Holly Streatfield-Fowkes Blue Belt/4th Kup
James Muimi Robbie Howie Liam Griffiths
Ryan Morgan    Matthew Major
Green Belt/6th Kup Oliver Hutchings
Yellow Belt/8th Kup Andrew Hawthorne Shailesh Mistry
Alice Buckley Natalia Skeen Tom Wheeler
Charlotte Flanders Tony Rice – CREDIT
Eimee Brown – CREDIT   Red Tag/3rd Kup
Krishan Mistry   Alex Newman
Owen O’Conner    Leah Holbrook
Stephanie Bale  
Red Belt/2nd Kup
Tom Redgrave
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