December Grading Results

Congratulations to all those who were promoted following the grading in December. Well done.

The examiners were particularly impressed with the spirit and attitude shown by the junior grades. This was reflected in a record number of three double promotions and three credits.  The junior grades showed that they had established a strong base to their Taekwondo which will help them move forward. The senior grades, whilst performing technically well and showing good progress, could have shown a stronger spirit and this will be expected at the next grading.

The first Kup grading for 2010 will be on Sunday 28th February. If you wish to be considered for this by your instructors please make sure that your training is strong and consistent between now and the grading.

9th Kup / Yellow Tag 

8th Kup / Yellow Belt 

6th Kup / Green Belt 

5th Kup / Blue Tag 

Rafferty Evans

Farhan Firoz

Bryher Hutchins

Alex Newman

Erin Holbrook

Peter Mulholland

Neo Botha

Holly Flanders

Josephine Lawrence – Credit

Jemma Barton – Credit

Zack Piper

Patrick Clifford


Leo Clifford

Sam Stone

8th Kup / Yellow Belt

7th Kup / Green Tag

Jo Hatton

Steve McCulough

Stuart Walker — Double

Darren Miller — Double

Jolene Bryant


Tony Rice — Double

Graeme Willis


3rd Kup / Red Tag

Davey Klenz — Credit

Robin O’Neill


Harvey Allen

Jack Dunesby—Credit

Finley Evans


Jim Rate

Euan Williams

Phoebe Evans


Alfie Evans


1st Kup / Black Tag

Michael Dorey


Carys Redman-White

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