1st Assistant Instructors Course

On the 14th November, the club held its first running of a brand new course for those who are interested in becoming instructors with OBTKD in the future.   The course consisted of four sections.


Section 1 :- Background and Theory

  • The Role of the Instructor
  • History of Taekwondo
  • Philosophy and Traditions of the Chungdokwan
  • Introduction to Child Protection
  • Introduction to Insurance Requirements

Section 2 :- Overton and Basingstoke Taekwondo Club

  • Club History
  • Philosophy and Strategy
  • Organisation

Section 3 :- Teaching and Practice

  • Review of the OBTKD Kup Syllabus
  • Basic Korean Terminology
  • Class Management
  • Introduction to Long Term Athelete Development (LTAD)

Section 4 :- Competition

  • Overview of 2006 Poomsae Competition Rules
  • Overview of 2009 Sparring Competition Rules 

The course was vibrant and lively, with all 9 attendees contributing to the discussion.  A great start to our new programme to develop the next generation of instructors.

The club plans to run regular Assistant Instructor courses.   If you are interested in being considered for the next course please contact Gerry

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