October Grading Results

Congratulations to all those who were promoted following the grading in October.   The examiners were pleased to see the strong and spirited performances.   Special recognition to Rob, Liam and Callum who achieved credit level marks at their grades.

The final Kup grading for 2009 will be on Sunday 13th December.  If you wish to be considered for this by your instructors please make sure that your training is strong and consistent between now and the grading.


9th Kup / Yellow Tag  8th Kup / Yellow Belt 7th Kup / Green Tag 4th Kup / Blue Belt
Daniel Collisson Micipsa Arezki Shailesh Mistry Corey Payne
Georgina Rumney Mira Arezki    
Holly Stratfield Gaya Arezki  6th Kup / Green Belt   3rd Kup / Red Tag
     Liam Griffiths—Credit Dave Hatton
8th Kup / Yellow Belt 7th Kup / Green Tag   Martin Barnes
Bill Redman-White Rob Cattell—Credit 5th Kup / Blue Tag Dean Digby
Sarah Meeson Carl Lymbery Paul Crawte  
Michelle Pike Leo Clifford   2nd Kup / Red Belt
Rowan Williams Morgan Magee   Callum Walker—Credit

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