August Grading Results

Congratulations to all those who were successful in grading to the their next grade in August.  Despite the small numbers for the gradings (as it was after all holiday season), the standard was strong and there were a number of good performance which were recognised with Credits.

 9th Kup/Yellow Tag

8th Kup/Yellow Belt 

7th Kup/Green Tag 

 4th Kup / Blue Belt 

 Darren Miller (Credit)             Aaron Feeley  Michael Digby                       Julia Brown
 Farhan Firoz  (Credit)  Kim White  Jolene Bryant  Jim Rate (Credit)
 James Cook  Robin O’Neill                                       
   Seren Miller

 5th Kup/Blue Tag

 2nd Kup/Red Belt

                                       Dean Morgan (Credit)  Sam Havard

The next Kup grading will be on Sunday 4th October. 


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