Grading Results – June 2009

9th Kup/Yellow Tag       

9th Kup/Yellow Tag

7th Kup/Green Tag

5th Kup/Blue Tag

Davey Klenz

Michael Dorey

Jo Hatton

Amber West

Micipsa Arezki

Emily Couch

Natalia Skeen

Ella West

Seren Miller


Neo Botha


Harrison Neill

8th Kup/Yellow Belt


3rd Kup/Red Tag

Mira Arezki

Graeme Willis (Double)

6th Kup/Green Belt

Laura Filgate

Robie Howe

Jolene Bryant (Double)

Alex Stock

Thomas Redgrave

Gaya Arezki

Shailesh Mistry

Vinnie DeLellis Hutchings

Trevor Craig (Credit)

Sarah Meeson

Jack Maclain

Anna Redgrave


Robin Tate

Jessica Platt

Farris Whitwham

2nd Kup/Red Belt

Kim White

Kamil Nowak

Paul Crawte (Credit)

Dave Dinsdale

Michelle Pike

Milan Mistry 

Amy Stock (Credit)

Alex Walker

Peter Mulholland


Matthew Major (Credit)


Jemma Barton 


  Mujahid Baksh




 Oliver Hutchings


Congratulation to all the candidates.  You have worked hard for these new grades.


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