FAQ – Clothing and Equipment

Bluewave considers appearance to be part of the discipline of martial arts training and therefore all students are expected to train in an appropriate Taekwondo uniform (dobok).  This dobok should be kept clean and neat.  For juniors it will be necessary to replace their dobok reasonably regularly to maintain a loose fit that can accommodate the fast, dynamic movements of Taekwondo.  The following notes are intended to outline the clubs expectation on the style of dobok to be worn.  The notes also cover the equipment, etc, that is required to ensure safe practice of Taekwondo.

Coloured Belts / Kup Grades

All kup grade (white belt to black tag) students must train in a World Taekwondo style plain white dobok.  

The dobok should have a white v-neck and should not have stripes on shoulders or legs.

Students are welcome to purchase their doboks either through the club or elsewhere. The club will supply high quality doboks, normally these will be JCalicu, Tusah or Redox brands, at competitive prices.

Black Belts / 1st – 3rd Dan

Dan grades students up to and include 3rd dan wear a World Taekwondo dan dobok with a black v-neck.  The dobok should not have stripes on shoulders or legs.

Under 15s may choose to wear a poom dobok with Red/Black V and this may be required for some higher level competitions at this age.

As a part of the club’s tradition, each new black belt will be presented with their first dobok following their successful grading.

The club can supply a wide range of black belt doboks in a varied of brands and qualities.  As the club has trade accounts with the major supplies these will generally be at a price significantly below retail cost.  Please talk to one of the instructors for details.

Master Grade Black Belts / 4th Dan+

Master grades, 4th dan and above, wear a World Taekwondo dan dobok with a black v-neck and may choose to have stripes on shoulders and/or legs should they wish.


T-shirts may be worn under doboks, but must be plain white.  No coloured t-shirts or printed/patterned t-shirts.

Poomsae Competition

For poomsae competition, kup grade should wear their normal dobok.  Dan grades should wear a age/gender specific poomsae competition dobok, this may also be worn for poomsae training sessions.

Sparring Competition

All grades should wear their normal dobok for sparring competitions and training.


All jewellery must be removed or covered in training and competition with the exception of plain band rings without sharp edges.

Head covering

The only permitted head coverings are those worn for religious reasons.  These are permitted both in training and competition.

Protective Equipment

All students are expected to purchase their own sets of arm and shin guards once they have been training with the club 6 months, or have reach yellow belt or wish to take part in the sport competition training.  All students competing outside of club competitions must purchase their own full set of sparing equipment.


All training is strictly conducted in bare feet, students will not be permitted to train in footwear including martial arts shoes.


Beginners are very welcome to start just wearing normal loose clothing.  A t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms is ideal.  It will normally be expected that a dobok is bought after approximately a month of training and certainly before the first grading.

Transfers from non-WT clubs

Students transferring from other clubs are welcome to wear their old uniform/gi/dobok with a white belt until their first grading with the club.