Yellow Tag / 9th Kup

Download the syllabus from here.

The grading requirements are shown below.

Promotion to Yellow Tag / 9th Kup
Minimum of 15 hours class time since starting training.
Basics Forward Stance
Walking Stance
Horse Riding Stance

Low Block
Inner Block
High Block

Guarding Block

Middle Section Punch

Inner Crescent Kick
45o Roundhouse Kick
Push Kick
Raising Kick

Patterns Basic Hand Pattern 1
1-Step None
Sparring 1:1, 2:2 no contact
Breaking None
Self Defence None
Miscellaneous 10 press ups / 10 sit ups / 10 star jumps

Sample Combinations

  1. Horse riding stance, middle punch              
  2. Horse riding stance, inner block
  3. Horse riding stance, high block              
  4. Forward stance, low block, middle punch          
  5. Forward stance, high block, middle punch                  
  6. Walking stance, guarding block, inner crescent kick, inner crescent kick into walking stance
  7. Walking stance, guarding block, 45° roundhouse, 45° roundhouse into walking stance              
  8. Walking stance, guarding block, push kick, raising kick into walking stance