Yellow Tag / 9th Kup (with videos)


Download the syllabus from here.

Time Requirement

Minimum of 15 hours class time since starting training


Forward Stance

Walking Stance

Horse-Riding Stance

Low Block

Inner Block

High Block

Guarding Block

Middle Section Punch

Inner Crescent Kick

45 Degree Roundhouse Kick

Push Kick

Raising Kick


Kibon Hands 1

One Step

Not Required


1:1 and 2:2 no contact


Not Required

Self Defence

Not Required


10 Sit Ups / 10 Press Up / 10 Star Jumps

Sample Combinations

Horse riding stance, middle punch

Horse riding stance, inner block

Horse riding stance, high block

Forward stance, low block, middle punch>

Forward stance, high block, middle punch

Walking stance, guarding block, inner crescent kick, inner crescent kick into walking stance

Walking stance, guarding block, 45° roundhouse, 45° roundhouse into walking stance

Walking stance, guarding block, push kick, raising kick into walking stance