Red Belt / 2nd Kup

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The grading requirements are shown below.

Promotion to Red Belt / 2nd Kup
Minimum of 50 hours class time since last grading.
Basics Scissors Block

Vertical Elbow Strike

Knee Attack
Front Hook/Turning Kick
Reverse Side Kick
Checking Side Kick
Front Leg Front Kick

Breakfalls From Standing

Patterns Basic Leg Pattern 3
Taegeuk Luk Jang
1-Step 6 techniques, from both left and right
Sparring Free light contact (with/without Hogu)
Free with all techniques
Breaking Back Hook Kick
Self-defence 3 * Straight Punch
3 * Hook Punch
Single Lapel Grab
Miscellaneous Meaning of Taegeuk Luk Jang
Meaning of belts

Sample Combinations

  1. Back stance, reverse side kick into back stance, reverse side kick into back stance                    
  2. Forward stance, scissors block, slide high palm heel strike                               
  3. Forward stance, vertical elbow strike then hammer fist strike with same hand                             
  4. Forward stance, double outer block, grab, knee strike into forward stance, punch, reverse-hand punch  
  5. Walking stance, checking side kick, reverse side kick into walking stance                                                    
  6. Walking stance, back leg front hook kick / turning kick into walking stance                             
  7. Walking stance, low/high side kick, spin 180° outer crescent into walking stance                       
  8. Walking stance, hold front kick 15 seconds each side