KickStars (Ages 4 – 6)

Bluewave has run specialist classes for our youngest students for many years.

These classes focus on developing the key ABC skills; agility, balance and coordination that are needed for a strong foundation in Taekwondo. 

The KickStars™ programme is specifically designed to provide a first class structured and fun approach for introducing Taekwondo to this age group. Classes are taught using specialist qualified instructors delivering to a consistent national syllabus using coaching activities that are age appropriate, fun and safe.

The aim of the programme is to ensure that those in the KickStars™ programme get the very best foundation to aid your child’s progression in the dynamic Martial Art and Olympic Sport of Taekwondo.

The classes are a fun mix of multi-skill activities and games. We introduce the basics for all aspects of the Korean Martial Art and Sport of Taekwondo.  The classes are taught as small groups to ensure excellent supervision and so plenty of individual attention can be provided. The structured approach also helps with the development of concentration and discipline while retaining the fun element vital for this age.


Following the format introduced by British Taekwondo, Bluewave have adopted the strip belt system for children in the KickStars™ programme.  Through the in-class gradings, the students can progress through the various coloured strips, starting at orange, moving through green, purple, blue, red, brown, black and finishing at yellow tag which is the first step on the regular grading syllabus; at this point the children should be ready to move into Bluewave’s regular Taekwondo classes for juniors.

With the structured programme of development through the classes, and the establishment of targets together with the celebration and acknowledgement of achievement through the stripe belts, the children will have set the foundations for their progression in Taekwondo.

Our successful programme has been the starting point for many of our more senior grade including some of the club’s current black belts.