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Black Tag / 1st Kup

Download the syllabus from here.

The grading requirements are shown below.  Links to photos and videos will be added over the coming weeks, so please come back regularly.

Promotion to Black Tag / 1st Kup

Minimum of 80 hours class time since last grading.


Mountain Block
Half-Mountain Block

Upset Punch

Low/High Back Kick (same leg)
360o Jumping Outer Crescent Kick
360o Jumping Back Kick


Basic Leg Pattern 4
Taegeuk Chil Jang


10 techniques, from both left and right


Free light contact (with/without Hogu)
Free 2 on 1


Student’s choice of one hand and one leg technique


Front Bear Hug
Rear Bear Hug
Side Head Lock
Double Wrist From Behind
- all previous self defence as quick random attacks


Undertaken 2 class warm-ups
Assist at a minimum of 2 Kup gradings (over 16s only)
Meaning of Taegeuk Chil Jang

Promotion to Red Belt / 2nd Kup

Minimum of 60 hours class time since last grading.


Scissors Block

Vertical Elbow Strike

Knee Attack
Front Hook/Turning Kick
Reverse Side Kick
Cut Kick

Breakfalls From Standing


Basic Leg Pattern 3
Taegeuk Luk Jang


6 techniques, from both left and right


Free light contact (with/without Hogu)
Free with all techniques


Back Hook Kick


3 * Straight Punch
3 * Hook Punch
Single Lapel Grab


Meaning of Taegeuk Luk Jang
Meaning of belts

Sample Combinations

  1. Horse riding stance, half mountain block (back hand high), switch forward stance, high block, reverse-hand punch  
  2. Horse riding stance, mountain block, slide side punch (maintain stance)
  3. Forward stance, wedge block, upset punch, reverse-hand upset punch
  4. Walking stance, 45° roundhouse, replace leg, back hook kick - on the spot                                   
  5. Walking stance, 360° jumping back kick into walking stance                           
  6. Walking stance, 360° jumping outer crescent kick into walking stance
  7. Back stance with guarding block, slide into forward stance, reverse-hand ridgehand, pull back to back stance, guard block
  8. Walking stance, low/high back kick, middle side kick into walking stance
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15 Apr
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16 Apr
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