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Chungdokwan Irish Open 2019

72684476_2477879925582999_3791947447916298240_n.jpgBluewave took a small group out to this year's Chungdokwan Irish Open in Nenagn hosted by our good friend Master Sheamus O'Neill.

This was a small and friendly event conducted in the best traditions of the spirit of the Chungdokwan.  It was also an honour to have GM Shin Byeong Hyun attending as a guest at the event.

There were medals all round for our competitors.

Sian Reilly - Bronze in Individuals, Gold in Teams (with Coleen and Toula from T-TKD)
Coleen Reilly - Gold in Individuals, Silver in Pairs (with Gerry) and Gold in Teams (with Sian and Toula)
Lynne Firth - Bronze in Individuals
Gerry Reilly - Silver in Individuals and Silver in Pairs (with Coleen)

Next poomsae tournament with be the British Taekwondo National Championships on the weekend of the 30th November / 1st December in Worchester.

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October - Kup Grading Results

It was good to see a strong set of performances at our October kup grading.  There were several outstanding performances resulting in credit and double promotions.  The promoted candidates were;

9th Kup / Yellow Tag 7th Kup / Green Tag 2nd Kup / Red Belt
Hafidjiou Sow - CREDIT Simone Koh Cael Miller
Kadija Sow - CREDIT Sofie Koh  
Krystian Tan   1st Tag / Black Tag
Zaylin Shabeer 6th Kup / Green Belt Julian Inglefield
  Joseph Langton  
8th Kup / Yellow Belt Nathan Godfrey  
Aayush Shrestha - DOUBLE    
Aissatou Sow - DOUBLE 3rd Kup / Red Tag  
Shabeer Jameela - DOUBLE Isabella Martin - CREDIT  
Brandon Coleman Shubhashis Shrestha - CREDIT  
Jak Coleman Sushant Shrestha  
Daniel Sony Annabel Poynter  
Martin Gomes    

The next kup grading will be on Sunday 24th November.

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October - KickStars Grading

Congratulations to our KickStars on their performances at this month's grading.  Great to seeing the following achieve their next belts and a special congratulations to Christian, Adinath and Diyeni on their promotion to Yellow Tag and graduating to join our junior programme.

Orange Stripe Blue Stripe Brown Stripe
Anna Gomez Da Costa Izzah Adeel James Dance
Cyrus Keiff Shryan Veeranki Robert Cooper
Filip Piaseczny Carter Mackie  
  Brandon Paduanelli Black Stripe
Purple Stripe George Pyrke Jegors Vingradous
Panayiotis Kalavas Mykolas Kuodys  
Kai Adams Sriram Petluru Yellow Tag
Benjamin Di Biase   Christian Hewett
  Red Stripe Adinath Kango
  James Tamilimi Diyeni Di Silva






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October 2019 Dan Grading Results

DanGroup.jpgOn Sunday 13th October, Bluewave helds its second dan grading.  This was a demanding test requiring the candidates to demonstrate competance across the full range of Taekwondo disciplines during a 3 hour grading.  We are delighted to confirm the following promotions.

1st Dan Black Belt: Giordano Baquero-Easton (Bluewave), Ahan Sen (Bluewave), Jemma Naraine (DTA), William Parsons (Reading)

3rd Dan Black Belt: Corey Payne (Bluewave), Robert Larkman (Reading)

Well done everyone, an excellent demonstration of your commitment and passion for Taekwondo.

We have not yet confirmed the dates for our 2020 dan gradings but expect them to be in April and October.  These will be open to both Bluewave members as well as other British Taekwondo members interested in a grading that rigorously covers all aspects of Taekwondo

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Day / Time for Sport Class

We are reviewing the day / time for our competition sparring / sport Taekwondo class. If you / your children attend or would like to attend please can you let us know your thoughts by completing the very short survey on our website at Sport Class Survey

Thank you!
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Upcoming Events

17 Jul
2020 WTCF Summer Seoul
17 Jul 2020 - 21 Jul 2020

World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation Summer Camp

Exact travel dates to be confirmed.  Likely out on the Wednesday 15th and back following Thursday 23rd.

17 Jul
WTCF Training Camp (Seoul, Korea)
17 Jul 2020 - 21 Jul 2020

Club group will travel on the 15th July and return on the 23rd.

Open to senior grades only.  Any under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

24 Jul
Friday KickStars Class (4-6)
24 Jul 2020 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
24 Jul
Friday Junior Class (7-12)
24 Jul 2020 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
24 Jul
Friday Adult Class (12+)
24 Jul 2020 7:45 pm - 9:15 pm

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