Green Tag / 7th Kup

Download the syllabus from here.

The grading requirements are shown below.

Promotion to Green Tag / 7th Kup
Minimum of 20 hours class time since last grading.
Basics Back Stance

Knifehand Block
Knifehand Guarding Block
Outer Form Block
Double Low Block

One Step – Back Kick
Front Leg Jumping Front Kick
Side Kick
Full Roundhouse Kick

Front Breakfall
Rear Breakfall

Patterns Taegeuk El Jang
1-Step None
Sparring Free no contact
Breaking None
Self Defence None
Miscellaneous Meaning of Taegeuk El Jang
Origin of Taekwondo

Sample Combinations

  1. Back stance, outer knifehand form block, front foot step into forward stance, reverse-hand middle punch
  2. Forward stance, outer block, reverse middle punch, high punch                                
  3. Back stance, side kick into back stance, side kick into back stance      
  4. Walking stance, knifehand guarding block, front kick, side kick                               
  5. Forward stance, double low block, front kick, double punch into forward stance                                                                    
  6. Walking stance, step into back kick into walking stance
  7. Walking stance, full roundhouse kick into walking stance
  8. Walking stance, front leg jumping front kick into walking stance