Green Belt / 6th Kup

Download the syllabus from here.

The grading requirements are shown below. 

Promotion to Green Belt / 6th Kup

Minimum of 20 hours class time since last grading.


High X-Block
Low X-Block

Elbow Strike
Outer Knife Hand Strike
Side Back Fist Strike

Low/High Front Kick (same leg)
Low/High 45° Roundhouse Kick (same leg)
Back Kick
Skip Side Kick

Traditional Turning Kick

Side Breakfall


Basic Leg Pattern 1
Taegeuk Ee Jang




Free no contact


Elbow Strike

Self Defence



Meaning of Taegeuk Ee Jang
Counting to 10 in Korean

Sample Combinations

  1. Forward stance, front kick, low block into forward stance                  
  2. Forward stance, outer knifehand block, present target, elbow strike to target
  3. Forward stance, high X block, low X block    
  4. Walking stance, inner knifehand strike, turn backwards, side back fist into walking stance                           
  5. Walking stance, low/high 45° roundhouse kick into walking stance                              
  6. Walking stance, low/high front kick into walking stance
  7. Walking stance, side kick from back leg, skip side kick using same leg into walking stance                                                         
  8. Walking stance, turning kick into walking stance

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