Welcome to Bluewave Korean Martial Arts

We provide high quality training in all aspects of the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo.  Our comprehensive syllabus will help you develop confidence in basic techniques, self-defence, patterns and sparring.

Our classes are focused on the specific requirements of different ages groups and run by our experienced team of qualified instructors.

For those interested in competing, we can offer plenty of opportunities from local competition through to international events, and access through British Taekwondo to World and Olympic level competitions if you have the talent!

New beginners, as well as those with previous experience in the martial arts, are always welcome.

Our classes provide age appropriate training from 4 through to adult with a carefully structured syllabus that covers all aspects of Taekwondo including self-defence, traditional martial arts and Olympic Sport Taekwondo.

We run classes for three specific ages groups.  We have KickStar classes for those aged 4-6 years which focus on develop core skills in agility, balance and coordination through basic Taekwondo and multi-skills activities.  Our Juniors, aged 7-11 years, train to a full Taekwondo syllabus in structured but fun and fast paced classes. For teens and adults our syllabus adds more emphasis on more advanced self-defence and fitness.

We also have weekly family classes for those who want to train together (ages 7+).

All our classes are run from our own excellently equipped dojang (Taekwondo gym) in Basingstoke. 

This provides three separate training areas; our main fully matted hall for classes, a mirrored area for focused work with small groups and a strength and conditioning area with free weights and gym-quality cardiovascular equipment. 

We also have a comfortable waiting area, with free WiFi, for parents and guardians.

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