Dan Techniques and Videos

This page details some more advanced and unusual techniques, combinations and also the dan grade poomsae to 4th dan.  Additional techniques will be added.  These techniques will not necessarily be tested within the syllabus but are important to a rounded understanding of traditional technical Taekwondo.

Videos of the dan grade self defence will be add later once contact training can be resumed.


Crane Stance
{mp4}dan/Dan Crane Stance{/mp4}

Outer Palm Block
{mp4}dan/Dan Outer Palm Block{/mp4}

Double High Outer Block
{mp4}dan/Dan Double High Outer Block{/mp4}

Knuckle Punch
{mp4}dan/Dan Knuckle Punch{/mp4}

Long Fist Punch
{mp4}dan/Dan Long Fist{/mp4}

Tiger Mouth Strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Tiger Mouth Strike{/mp4}

Ox Jaw Strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Ox Jaw{/mp4}

Chicken Beak Strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Chicken Beak{/mp4}

Low Spear Finger Strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Low Spear Finger Strike{/mp4}

Reverse Ridgehand Strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Reverse Ridgehand Strike{/mp4}

Shin Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Shin Kick{/mp4}

Shin Twist Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Shin Twist Kick{/mp4}

Twist Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Twist Kick{/mp4}

Heel Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Heel Kick{/mp4}

Butterfly Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Butterfly Kick{/mp4}

Jumping Turning Kick
{mp4}dan/Dan Jumping Turning Kick{/mp4}


1/ Forward stance, double high outer block, step into front crossed legged stance, double upset punch
{mp4}dan/Dan Combo1{/mp4}

2/ Forward stance, reverse ridgehand strike then outer palm block with the same hand, reverse hand tiger mouth strke
{mp4}dan/Dan Combo2{/mp4}

3/ Forward stance, low spear finger strike, pull back into walking stance, low hammer fist strike
{mp4}dan/Dan Combo3{/mp4}

Further combinations will be added soon.


Taegeuk Pal Jang
{mp4}dan/Dan Taegeuk Pal Jang{/mp4}

{mp4}dan/Dan Koryo{/mp4}

{mp4}dan/Dan Keumgang{/mp4}

{mp4}dan/Dan Taebaek{/mp4}