Blue Tag / 5th Kup (with videos)


Download the syllabus from here.

Time Requirement

Minimum of 30 hours class time since last grading.


Short Back Stance

Low Guarding Block

Inner Palm Block

Downward Back Fist Strike

Hammer Fist Strike

Jumping Front Kick (Back Leg)

Front Hook Kick

360° Roundhouse Kick

Front Rolling Breakfall


Kibon Hands 3

Taegeuk Sam Jang

One Step

3 techniques, from both left and right


Free no contact


Front Kick (16+ Only)

Self Defence

3 x Straight Wrist Grab


Meaning of Taegeuk Sam Jang
Describe Etiquette of 1-Step
Attention / Bow in Korean

Sample Combinations

Back stance, inner palm block, switch to forward stance, reverse-hand middle section punch

Walking stance, inner knifehand strike, spin backwards, downward back fist strike into back stance

Forward stance, inner block, downward back fist strike – same hand

Forward stance, low block, pull back short back stance, downward hammer fist

Forward stance, front hook kick using back leg, into forward stance

Walking stance, back leg jumping front kick into walking stance  

Walking stance, 45° roundhouse kick, jumping 360° 45° roundhouse kick into walking stance

Walking stance, hold side kick extended – 15 seconds each side