Blue Belt / 4th Kup

Download the syllabus from here.

The grading requirements are shown below.

Promotion to Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Minimum of 30 hours class time since last grading.
Basics Front Cross-Legged Stance
Back Cross-Legged Stance
Cat Stance

Double Low Knifehand Block
Low Knifehand X-Block
High Knifehand X-Block
Double Outer Form Block

Palm Heel Strike
Vertical Punch
Spear Finger Strike

Inner Crescent Blocking Kick
Back Hook Kick
180o Outer Crescent Kick

Patterns Basic Leg Pattern 2
Taegeuk Sa Jang
1-Step 3 techniques, from both left and right
Sparring Free no contact
Breaking Side Kick
Self Defence 3 x Cross Wrist Grab
Miscellaneous Meaning of Taegeuk Sa Jang
Meaning of Taekwondo & Chungdokwan

Sample Combinations

  1. Back stance, low guarding block, switch to forward stance, reverse-hand vertical high spear finger strike, pull back into back stance
  2. Forward stance, double outer form block, vertical punch, reverse-hand vertical punch    
  3. Walking stance, guard, front kick, step down into back cross-legged stance, downward back fist strike, into walking stance
  4. Cat stance, double low knifehand block, back leg front kick, double punch into forward stance                      
  5. Walking stance, back hook kick – on the spot 
  6. Walking stance, inner crescent, 180° outer crescent into walking stance
  7. Forward stance, high knifehand x-block, front kick step down into forward stance, double punch                   
  8. Walking stance, inner crescent blocking kick, without putting down foot side kick same leg into walking stance