Blue Belt / 4th Kup (with videos)


Download the syllabus from here.

Time Requirement

Minimum of 30 hours class time since last grading.


Front Cross-Legged Stance

Back Cross-Legged Stance

Cat Stance

Double Low Knifehand Block

Low Knifehand X-Block

High Knifehand X-Block

Double Outer Form Block

Palm Heel Strike

Vertical Punch

Spear Finger Strike

Inner Crescent Blocking Kick

Back Hook Kick

180 Degree Outer Crescent Kick


Kibon Legs 2

Taegeuk Sa Jang

One Step

3 techniques, from both left and right


Free no contact


Side Kick (16+ Only)

Self Defence

3 x Cross Wrist Grab


Meaning of Taegeuk Sa Jang
Meaning of Taekwondo & Chungdokwan

Sample Combinations

Back stance, low guarding block, switch to forward stance, reverse-hand vertical high spear finger strike, pull back into back stance

Forward stance, double outer form block, vertical punch, reverse-hand vertical punch

Walking stance, guard, front kick, step down into back cross-legged stance, downward back fist strike, walking stance

Cat stance, double low knifehand block, back leg front kick, double punch into forward stance

Walking stance, back hook kick – on the spot

Walking stance, inner crescent, 180° outer crescent kick into walking stance

Forward stance, high knifehand x-block, front kick step down into forward stance, double punch

Walking stance, inner crescent blocking kick, without putting down foot side kick same leg into walking stance