Black Tag / 1st Kup (with videos)


Download the syllabus from here.

Time Requirement

Minimum of 60 hours class time since last grading.


Mountain Block

Half-Mountain Block

Low Knifehand Guarding Block

Upset Punch

Ridgehand Strike

Low/High Back Kick (same leg)

360 Degree Jumping Outer Crescent Kick

360 Degree Jumping Back Kick


Kibon Legs 4

Taegeuk Chil Jang

One Step

10 techniques, from both left and right


Free light contact, with and without Hogu
Free 2 onto 1


Student’s choice of one hand and one leg technique (16+ Only)

Self Defence

Front Bear Hug
Rear Bear Hug
Side Head Lock
Double Wrist From Behind
all previous self defence as quick random attacks


Undertaken 2 class warm-ups
Assisted at a minimum of 2 Kup gradings (16+ only)
Meaning of Taegeuk Chil Jang

Sample Combinations

Horse riding stance, half mountain block (back hand high), switch forward stance, high block, reverse-hand punch

Horse riding stance, mountain block, slide side punch (maintain stance)

Forward stance, wedge block, upset punch, reverse-hand upset punch

Walking stance, 45° roundhouse kick, replace leg, back hook kick – on the spot  

Walking stance, 360° jumping back kick into walking stance     

Walking stance, 360° jumping outer crescent kick into walking stance

Back stance with low knifehand guarding block, slide into forward stance, reverse-hand ridgehand, pull back to back stance, low knifehand guarding block

Walking stance, low/high back kick, middle side kick into walking