December Kup Grading Results

Congratulations to those students who were successfully promoted to their next grade following the Kup grading on the 4th December. Great job!

The next grading will be on the 12th March 2023.

Yellow Tag / 9th KupYellow Belt / 8th KupGreen Belt / 6th Kup
Abhigail Sobhan – CREDITMarcel Roginski – DOUBLELacey Crawford-Hicks – CREDIT
Harry Savage – CREDITLawrence Fitzpatrick – CREDITBenjamin Di Baise
Lalitha Jasti – CREDITJoseph FitzpatrickBenjamin Morris
Benas MozuraitisAshwin ManojCaron Core
Coen SlemmingsGautm SrejithHarry Shaw
Genevieve HewittHudson WilesJulian Ibberson
Mabel QuartermanJosh HaydenKai Adams
Samved NerusuLiam MulaCaron Core
Theodora Kalavas
Green Tag / 7th KupBlue Tag / 5th Kup
Jonah MeanDilsha Udahage Don
Maria VinograolovaPanayiotis Kalavas
Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Joseph Langton
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