New classes opening this week

Following on from its success with classes for children across Overton and Basingstoke, the club will opening two new classes on Wednesday 22nd January at Vickers Business Centre.

There will be a class between 5.00-5.45pm specifically designed to provide a high quality and fun introduction to Taekwondo for children aged 4 – 6. It will focus on the specific development needs of children of this age incorporating Multi Skills activities to enhance agility, balance and co-ordination as well as a start to all aspects of Taekwondo.  As well as being fun and exciting, this class will help students develop greater fitness, flexibility and improve concentration and discipline. It is intended to provide a pathway into the general Taekwondo children’s classes as the children become ready for more formal structured training.

There will also be a class between 6.00-7.00pm. This will be a general Taekwondo class for all juniors aged 7 – 11. This is an opportunity for existing students of the club to be able to train on an additional day of the week as well as an opportunity for new students to join the club. 

We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand the number of classes we can offer, in particular as this will help us achieve the objective that we have had, to be able to run three classes a week for the 7 – 11 age group.

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