Grading Results November 2011

Congratulations to the successful candidates who progressed to their new grades.   The next kup grading will be on Sunday 26th February.


The promotions awarded were


9th Kup / Yellow Tag  7th Kup / Green Tag 4th Kup / Blue Belt
Cullen Walker Patrick Heighway – CREDIT Kamil Nowak
Harriett Barkaway Alice Buckley Milan Mistry
Jon-Marc Bennet Charlotte Flanders  
William Dodds Erin Holbrook 3rd Kup / Red Tag
Caitlin Walker   Stephanie Bale Jo Hatton
Daniel Yu Sam Stone
Ellen Farthing 6th Kup / Green Belt  
Niamh Cooper-Smith Harrison Neill 2nd Kup / Red Belt
Samuel Dodds James Cook Lucy Havard
Joshua Carter  Lucy Cooper Mujahid Baksh
Miranda Arnush Michael Darmody  
Sam Lidder Robbie Howie 1st Kup / Black Tag
Rebecca Hooley Ryan Morgan  Dean Digby
Ruudi Lidder Holly Streatfield-Fowkes  George Clifford
   Ben Cousins
8th Kup / Yellow Belt
Dave Bristow – DOUBLE
Luke Rowland
Scott Coventry
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