Assistant Instructors Course

On January 16th 2011 the club will be running an Assistant Instructors Course for those who are interested in becoming our future instructors.   Developing our next generation of instructors is a vital part in ensuring the future growth and development of the club.

The course will cover both theory and practice including History of Taekwondo, Taekwondo Organisation, Class Management, Player Development, Child Protection, Competition Rules and practical coverage of the OBTKD syllabus and teaching style.


The course will be open to ages 14+ holding a minimum grade of Blue Belt / 4th Kup. However those attending will be expected to commit to actively working towards a role in the club either assisting in class, officiating at events or assisting with coaching.


If you are interested in attending and please speak your instructor.

The course will be at VBC and will run from 11.00am through to 4.00pm.

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