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Congratulations to Ryan, our newest Black Belt

RyanMorganCongratulations to Bluewave's latest Black Belt, Ryan Morgan.  A fine performance at today's Taekwondo Chungdokwan Great Britain Dan Grading saw Ryan promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.  A well deserved promotion recognising over 5 years of practice and many months of detailed preparation.  Well Done!

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Dutch Masters

Congratulation to Sian on her first refereeing gig outside of the UK at this weekend's Dutch Masters in Rotterdam. Good tournament, nice food and hotel with a fun theme park on the way back. Thank you to everyone who supported Sian so much including Brian Tilley, Natalie Kidd and Mark Moores. We will be looking to take a squad of players to this event next year so start the hard training. 
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KickStars May 2016 Successes

Congratulations to our newly promoted KickStars showing off their new belts after the May grading.  Well done to Mikolaj Zurek, Adriano Anzani, Marcus Jones, Lily Newton, Dylan Griffiths, Eliott Flood-Squires, Jacob Macpherson, Vicktor Okun, Samuel Hartley, Oliver Brown and Nathan Levendale promoted to Orange Stripe, Naomi Marks and Scarlett Hamilton promoted to Green Stripe, Eleanor Gracey, Charlie Mason, Daniel Chapman, Adheen Shabeer, Joe Scorey and Taylor Mackie promoted to Purple Stripe, Daniel Farthing, Charlie Bates and Alfie Edwards promoted to Blue Stripe, Aidan Batista-Guanchez promoted to Red Stripe, Abdul Rehman promoted to Brown Stripe and Oscar Goodall and Jack Greening promoted to full Yellow Tag.  Brilliant and what a lot of happy faces!

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New Class, 7-14 Year Old, Green Belt and above

We continue to review our classes and make changes and updates where we believe that we can develop our students further.  With this in mind we will be introducing a new class for those who are junior age students (up to the age of 14) and are 6th kup (green belt) and above.  This class will be in addition to the class(es) your child currently trains in, as these classes cover all aspects of the syllabus, whereas this class will focus specifically on the technical aspects of the syllabus of poomsae, self defence and one step.

Please be assured that if your child is not able to attend this class, they will still be taught all aspects of the syllabus in the class(es) that they currently attend.

The class will run on a weekly basis on a Wednesday evening from 7.00pm - 8.00pm. The classes will commence from Wednesday 1st June. If your child is interested in attending please can you let us know on email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can start the planning of the class.

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February and April Grading Results

We are delighted to recognise those promoted following the kup gradings in February and April.  These were spirited gradings with some excellent performances.  However some extra practice is needed on poomsae for grading candidates - there were retests at both these gradings on the poomsae sections for some candidates.  This will be a focus are in preparation for the next kup grading which will be on Saturday 11th June.


February Grading Results
9th Kup 8th Kup - Cont 7th Kup
Cael Miller - CREDIT Ashton Swinhoe-Nevola Jacob Clay - DOUBLE
Dawid Wrobel - CREDIT Benjamin Lock  
Lydia Marks Corey Waspe 6th Kup
Samuel Wooster Ehansa Fernado Matthew Bridge
Sebastian Wrobel Erin Bateman Mikun Adeniran
  Ethan Waspe  
8th Kup Gianluca Swinhoe-Nevola  5th Kup
Anna Jiang Jack Toomey  Ivana McCutcheon
Danyal Dabhelia Kasundia Fernado  Brandon Koh
Sophia Ahmed Laetitia Allen  
Arjun Chauhan    3rd Kup
Saskia Bateman   Ibrahim Salman - CREDIT
    Ellen Farthing
    Olwen Barton
    1st Kup
    Cullen Walker
April Grading Results
9th Kup  8th Kup - Cont 6th Kup
 Isabella Martin - CREDIT  Ewan Reynolds  Caitlin MacDonald
 Jairus Martin - CREDIT  Riley Wallis Charlotte Davies
 Finley Ellis  Victor Vanni  Jack Armstrong
 Matthew Grracey  William Whitelaw  
 Mya Henry    5th Kup
   7th Kup  Ahan Sen
8th Kup Jonathan Paduanelli - CREDIT  Anuska Sen
 Cael Miller - CREDIT Giordano Baquero-Easton  Jon-Marc Bennet
    4th Kup
    Nicole Wootten
    Ria Mistry







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