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End of Year Training and Club Meeting


Our traditional end of year training session will be on Sunday 18th December at 2pm at the Bluewave Dojang at Vickers Business Centre.  This is open to all ages and grades.  It will be a fun session to end off a successful year for the club.  This will be followed by the annual club meeting which is open to all members and parents/guardians of our junior members (our junior members are also encouraged to attend and fully participate themselves). The club meeting will review 2016 and discuss plans for the coming year.

After the meeting there will be nibbles and traditional Christmas refreshments.

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Kyorugi Referee Course

British Taekwondo will be running a Kyorugi (sparring) referee course on the 4th & 5th February in Bradford.  This is your opportunity to help make competitions a success, there is always a need for more officials.  The course will cover technical assistants and class 3 (corner judges) on the Saturday, with new class 2 (centre referees) attending both Saturday and Sunday.  The requirements are:-

  • Technical Assistant = does not need to be BT Member, must be Age 14+, any grade
  • Class 3 = BT Member, Age 16+, any grade
  • Class 2 = BT Member, Referees Indemnity Insurance, Enhanced DBS, Age 18+, any grade

If you are interested please speak to one of the instructors.

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Grading Results - 23rd October

Congratulations to those promoted at the recent grading.  There were some very strong performances which are reflected in the Credits and Double Promotions.  Some candidates will have some revision work to do on aspects of their grading before really focusing on work for the next grade.  Instructors will be working on this over the next few weeks.  We will have one further small grading this year on the 3rd December with the next main grading in February, exact date to be confirmed.

Promotions were:

9th Kup / Yellow Tag 8th Kup / Yellow Belt 5th Kup / Blue Tag
Mihir Roy Jack Greening Caitlin MacDonald - CREDIT
Tamanna Roy   Samuel Dodds
   7th Kup / Green Tag  
8th Kup / Yellow Belt Neha Pooni 4th Kup / Blue Belt
Hannah Seddon - DOUBLE Lucy Armstrong Ahan Sen
Paige Adcock - DOUBLE Aman Pooni Anushka Sen
Andjy Ricart - DOUBLE Filip Matyla  
Sebastian Wrobel - CREDIT Ethan Waspe 3rd Kup / Red Tag
Jarius Martin - CREDIT James Price Ria Mistry
Isabella Martin - CREDIT    
Dawid Wrobel - CREDIT   2nd Kup / Red Belt
Maciek Nowak 6th Kup / Green Belt Sean Castens
Thomas Bridge Danyal Dabhelia  
    1st Kup / Black Tag
    Ellen Farthing
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Bluewave Open Poomsae Championships

On Sunday 29th January 2017 we will be hosting a major poomsae championships in Basingstoke, the first locally for many years and hopefully the start of a regular event.  This will be a recognised British Taekwondo event and will be run under full World Taekwondo Federation rules.  The entry pack can now be downloaded from here

This will be a fabulous opportunity for Bluewave members to experience poomsae competition so we'd like to encourage as many as possible to entry. We will also need plenty of volunteers to assist both with the setup on the Saturday evening and with running the event on the Sunday. If you would like more details or to volunteer to help please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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British Taekwondo National Championships

Excellent British Taekwondo National Championship, well run with a great atmosphere. Thank you to all those involved in organising the event. Great attitude and spirit from the Bluewave players, you should be very proud of your performances. Mujahid Baksh showed his usual full on approach to go out to the Rank 2 player in the quarter finals. Alex Stock went so so close. Played really well and lost an amazingly close final on golden point. Disappointing to not quite get the title but he showed why he is Rank 1 -68kg junior player in Great Britain. Hayden Corby has a tremendous first Nationals decisively winning his three matches to become B Class -45kg Cadet National Champion. Final thanks to Coleen Reilly for super coaching. Well done everyone.

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