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January KickStars Gradings!

Greating showing by Bluewave's KickStars at the gradings last Friday and Saturday.  40 young and enthusastic children showing their passion for Taekwondo!  Also really pleasing to see 5 now graduating to Yellow Tag and moving on upto the junior classes for the next step in their Taekwondo journey.


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Bluewave 2nd Open Poomsae Championships

On Sunday 3rd June 2018 we will be hosting our 2nd open poomsae championships in Basingstoke following on from our successful event last year.  This will be a recognised British Taekwondo event and will be run under full World Taekwondo Federation rules.  The entry pack can now be downloaded from here

This will be a fabulous opportunity for Bluewave members to experience poomsae competition so we'd like to encourage as many as possible to entry.  We expect the event to fill quickly so if you do want to enter please let your instructor know as soon as possible.

We will also need plenty of volunteers to assist both with the setup on the Saturday evening and with running the event on the Sunday. If you would like more details or to volunteer to help please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.  Classes restart on Wednesday 3rd January and we look forward to seeing everyone back training hard and having fun.  If you have been out for a while then January is a great time to get back to training.  Beginners also always very welcome at all our classes.

For many years we used to publish a regular newsletter but with social media and nearly everyone having emails we stopped this in 2011. However as we have so much going on that should be interesting to our members, friends and family, we have a one-off special. So the New Year Newsletter can be download the Newsletter from <<here>>

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Exceptional Dan Grading Results

DanGradingDec2017.jpgIt was a very special day yesterday for Bluewave Korean Martial Arts at the Taekwondo Chungdokwan Great Britain (TCGB) Dan Grading with three members taking senior black belt gradings.
Master Coleen Reilly, who has been a club member since we started 20 year ago, was promoted to 5th Dan. Coleen has made an outstanding contribution to the club over many years and now leads our Monday adult classes and poomsae development.
Master Kevin Hanks who has been with the club since he joined us as a 1st Dan 18 years ago was promoted to 6th Dan. Master Hanks moved to Co. Durham a few years ago but has remained with Bluewave Korean Martial Arts and was back down for preparation for the grading and our recent celebrations.
Last up at the grading was Master Graham Jones. He has been a key Taekwondo Chungdokwan Great Britain (TCGB) instructor and leader for many year and one of Master Gerry Reilly's and Master Lynne Firth's instructors. Master Jones joined Bluewave Korean Martial Arts more recently to continue his poomsae competition career in the 66+ division successfully graded to 7th Dan.
Congratulations to all three on these exceptional achievements.

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Kup Grading Results

The following promotions were achieved at the November kup grading.  The standard at the grading was outstanding, great job everyone.  Next kup grading will be on the 18th February for Yellow Tag and Yellow Belt candidates and on 10th Mach for all kup grades.

9th Kup / Yellow Tag 6th Kup / Green Belt 3rd Kup / Red Tag
Alize Ekambi-Kiye - Credit Hannah Seddon - Double Promotion Hayden Corby - Double Promotion
Antoine Dorange Read James Price Sirsendu Sen - Credit
Romeo Semanyobe - pass Maciek Nowak Jonathan Paduanelli - Credit
Tom Howath Neha Pooni Caitlin Macdonald
  Kieran Pern  
8th Kup / Yellow Belt   1st Kup / Black Tag
Dipo Olaneye - Credit 5th Kup / Blue Tag Ria Mistry
Aidan Batista-Guanchez Jarius Martin - Double Promotion  
Tamanna Roy Mikum Adeniran  
7th Kup / Green Tag 4th Kup / Blue Belt  
Daisy Hedges Danyal Dabhelia  
Ewan Reynolds    



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