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Hayden Corby - National Champion 2017

HaydNationals2017.jpgCongratulations to Hayden Corby winning his division at the British Taekwondo National Championships. Long wait to play but great performances in both the semi final and then final.

The Semi Final opened with Hayd playing his usual aggressive start but also some good defence from his opponent, both landing an early head shot. Hayd then finished with a match winning head shot.

The Final was high energy with the first round giving Hayd a 7-0 lead, and then 22-4 at the end of the second.  Hayd went hunting the result early in the third round eventually gaining a 20 point advantage win with a back hook kick.

Well done, Hayd.

Short video of his match winning kick in the semi final.

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Family Class

Our new family class is now up and running.  This class runs on a Sunday from 5.00-6.00pm and is open to both existing members and new starters aged 7+ to adult.  This is an excellent opportunity for families to train together and for parents/guardians to give Taekwondo a go.  Come along and give it a go!


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July Grading Results

Slightly later than planned because we wanted to award certificates to everyone before putting the results on website, which we still haven't quite managed with holidays, etc... Congratulations to the successful candidates from the July grading.  Next kup grading will be on Sunday, 5th November.

Promotion were:-

Nathan Godfrey Yellow Tag/9th Kup Credit
Daniel Farthing Yellow Belt/8th Kup
Munachi Nduka-Richard Yellow Belt/8th Kup
Ryan Ashraf Yellow Belt/8th Kup
Ethan Levendale-Middleton Green Tag/7th Kup
Shubhashis Shrestha Green Belt/6th Kup Credit
Alexander Chiguvare Green Belt/6th Kup
Filip Matyla Green Belt/6th Kup
Annabel Poynter Green Belt/6th Kup
Cael Miller Blue Tag/5th Kup
Giordano Baquero-Easton Blue Belt/4th Kup
Anushka Sen Red Tag/3rd Kup


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Exciting weekend...

Last weekend was a really exciting one for Bluewave with over 100 people training in our various classes and at the instructors seminar.  This came in a week when we had welcomed 7 new beginners to the club and with more enquires coming in nearly every day.  Saturday started with a great turnout for our KickStars Class (including 2 of the new beginners) and then our regular Junior Class, finishing off with our Competition Poomsae Class working hard in preparation for the upcoming Ultimate and Quest competitions and the Nationals.  Sunday afternoon we launched our new Family Class, which we will be looking to build further in coming weeks, finishing with the regular Sport Taekwondo Class. 


HUpload.JPGowever earlier in the day, the instructors had spent 3 hours with Mark Howick of Inspired Fitness Training in a workshop covering effective Warm Ups, Cool Downs and Stretching. Mark led an excellent session covering theory but with plenty of practice!  As well as the Bluewave instructors we were delighted to also have friends from DTA, AWTC, Powerhouse and Waterside Taekwondo.  Great to have local clubs working closely together to continue to develop our coaching skills. This will hopefully be the first of several seminars that we will run for the instructors so we can all continue to develop our skills and ensure that we deliver the very best experience for the members of Bluewave (and the other local clubs who want to work with us on instructor development).



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Korea Trip - July 2018


We plan to take a trip to Korea, the home of Taekwondo, to attend the Chungdokwan Summer Camp in July 2018. This will be an opportunity to train with people from across the globe and with some of the world’s most experienced instructors. There will also be plenty of time for sightseeing and to experience Korean Culture and Food. Final details will be confirmed later in the year as will final costs with a deposit to be paid at the start of January so flights can be booked early to get a good price.

Open to Black Belts aged 16+. If you might be interested please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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