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GM Shin's tour of the UK and Ireland - one month to go!

28236209_1762634977122838_1642357748_n.jpgWe are one month away from welcoming the Worldwide Head Instructor of the Chungdokwan, Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun 9th Dan, on his tour of the UK and Ireland. This will be a chance for our members of all ages and grades to train with one of Taekwondo's leading instructors. We will be running an open class with GM Shin on Tuesday 17th April from 6.00-8.00pm, just £5 for Bluewave members and £15 for others. If you want to attend please either sign up on the sheets at the dojang or register on the Facebook event.

There will also be a seminar with GM Shin in Kingston, less than a hours drive from Basingstoke, on Sunday 15th April from 2.00-5.00pm. This will be an ideal opportunity to train alongside other Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB clubs.

For those farther away there will be a seminar on Saturday 14th April in Blackpool and on Sunday 22nd April in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. For more details on these events please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put in you in contact with the organisers.

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Competition Poomsae Training March 2018

G20180310_133103.jpgreat turnout yesterday for Competition Poomsae Training.  25 training with a range of grades from white belt through to 6th dan and from Southampton City, Powerhouse and DTA as well as Bluewave. 

Focus was on the quality of kicks with plenty of work on improving basic techniques and then poomsae practice from Taegeuk El Jang right up to Hansu. 

Next month's training will be back to the regular 1st Saturday of the month, so 12.00-2.00 kup grades and 12.00-3.00 dan grades on the 7th April.


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Basingstoke Sports Awards

Resized_20180223_210509.jpegBasingstoke has a strong and diverse sporting community and success from this community is celebrated at the annual Resized_FullSizeR.jpegsports awards ceremony which this year took place on Friday 23rd February.  Bluewave and it's members were finalised in three divisions; Club of the Year (Bluewave), Volunteer Coach of the Year (Coleen Reilly) and Junior Sportman of the Year (Hayden Corby). Whilst we didn't win any categories it great to get through to the short list and to be part of recognising our towns sporting achievements.

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Dojang Refurbishment

The first phase of updates to our facilities is now complete. Over Christmas the main training area, changing rooms and kitchen were decorated. The reception area and waiting room have been remodelled, decorated, have new carpeting and we installed the new furniture ov20180218_132605.jpger last weekend.

The Daedo PSS electronic scoring system has been extended and we now have have PSS body armour for size 0 as well as 1, 2 and 3. The broken body armour and transmitter have also been replaced. The PSS got its first outing 2018 at the sport training on20180218_132525.jpg Saturday.

We have also taken delivery of a Taurus Ergo-X Air Bike, BodyMax R100 Rower and BodyMax 470+ Half Rack with Weights. This will allow us to provide a more comprehensive set of options particularly for our older juniors and adults whether their goals are improved fitness or competition.20180218_132421.jpg

The next step will be to redecorate to the office and toilet area, this has just started.

With these updates we will continue to be able to provide one of the best dedicated Taekwondo facilities in the South of England and we look forward to this helping with the continued growth of Bluewave in 2018.

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Parking - 20th February to 9th March

Following a serious incident a few weeks ago, urgent repairs are required to one of the units on Vickers Business Centre.  This work will be taking place between Tuesday 20th February and Friday 9th March.  Whilst the working is taking place it is essential that everyone uses the main car park in front of Vickers House rather than our usual parking area to the rear.  It will also be even more important than usual that ALL children are walked safely between the car park and the dojang to avoid risks of accidents.

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